Documentary Film / 2019 / 93’
A film by Luisa Dahringer and Halea Isabelle Kala
Director, Producer & DOP


 TRANSMODERNITY is a documentary film about changemakers that challenge and transform the current system by exploring new possibilities for transitioning into a new paradigm with alternative social, economic and cultural approaches.

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The experimental documentary film TRANSMODERNITY raises the question of how reality can be possible in a different way. It is a portrait of our time and its currents, created by a mosaic of twelve different changemakers and their projects across Europe. The film touches upon the need to reinvestigate our education, consumption, relation to ourself and much more. Told through the eyes of activists, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, and social workers who are paving the way for the old system to be transformed by doing what they truly believe in, the film calls for a shared vision of a fundamental socio-cultural change, as well as an exploration meaning and value today. The film aims to be an inspiration and appeal for all of us to take responsibility, dream and act upon it.

Past Screenings     @Artlake Festival, DE@Betahaus Berlin, DE@Braunschweig International Film Festival, DE@Bucht der Träumer Festival, DE@Contemporary Food Lab Berlin, DE@Co-Creation Loft Berlin, DE@CoCreagency Berlin, DE@Ekskäret Klustret, SE@Esalen Institute, USA@FEEL Festival, DE@FILMZ Festival Mainz, DE@Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin, DE@Generation Nachhaltigkeit - HU Symposium, DE@Great Message International Film Festival, IN@Guest Projects with Mint Collective London, UK@Habibi.Works Fab Lab, GR@IASS Potsdam Conference, DE@IL KINO Berlin, DE@KAOS Berlin, DE@Metamodern Arts Festival, UA@MyBrainMyChoice X Vétomat, DE@Scopes Showroom Berlin, DE@Soho House Berlin, DE@Tech Open Air Berlin Satellite, DE@Tête Gallery Berlin, DE@Waking Life Festival, PT

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